The main purpose of the INVENTECO exhibition is to illustrate, in an original and innovative approach, the studies and technological achievements  carried out respecting the environment and at the same time ecology.

INVENTECO puts itself as an act of cultural reconversion and an open road enabling artisans, small, medium and large industries, public institutions to align themselves with the current environment needs, while maintaining great productivity.

In particular, the event aims to encourage craft businesses and small and medium-sized industries, naturally oriented towards creativity and innovation, and therefore to enhance their production.

A further aim is to first bring to the widespread knowledge and then to the implementation phase all those innovations and procedures that will allow small and medium industries to enter the market with new ideas, which, as well as bringing economic benefits and stability to the workforce, will improve the quality of life without continuing to pollute the environment, allowing also the community to save on the costs of de-pollution.

Therefore, the development perspective is a “INVENTECO quality mark” which guarantees the compatibility between innovation and environment.